On the Way ArTrend International Performance Art Meeting November 15th-24th, 2009 Taipei, Taidung, Kaohsiung & Tainan, China

11/15 Taipei
Ta An Park / outdoor durational performance
Wistaria Tea House / indoor performance + Boris’ talk on Black Market International

11/17 Taidung
Taidung University / Marilyn’s talk on Theatre vs Performance + 1 artist performance

11/18 Taidung
Dulan Sugar Factory / outdoor durational performance
Dulan Café / indoor performance + Alexander Del Re’s talk on South American Performance

11/21 Kaohsiung
FongShan Railway Barn / group performance experiment
Dogpig Café / Chen Jin’s talk on OPEN 10 years

11/24 Tainan
Confucius Temple Culture Zone / outdoor durational performance
Dongmen Gallery / indoor performance + Melati’s talk on Performance: Mainstream vs Marginal

Takeshi Teraoka


On the Way

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